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Australia has become a much sought after destination for people seeking global migration and better lives.

It is a stable constitutional monarchy, a liberal democracy and a first world country. It has a high standard of living, sound investment prospects, good growth, political and economic stability and excellent wages and conditions.

It offers protection of individual rights by the well established rule of law with roots in Great Britain, a keen sense of justice, a huge natural history and space with a relatively small population, a warmer climate and spiritual, religious and ethnic tolerance.

There are strong traditions of the pursuit of sporting excellence, mateship, the ANZAC fighting spirit, support of Queen and country and of doing the right thing.

Australia is the lucky country.

Migration advice

Tyndall & Co. provides migration advice, consulting and visa preparation and lodgment services, and is a registered migration agent (MARN 1170349) in accordance with the Code.

The scope of the advice includes the best visa pathways to become a temporary or permanent resident of Australia in the various classes of visas including investor and talent visas.

Being a lawyer, as well as a migration agent, provides the client with added advantages over and above a normal migration agent who is not a lawyer. For example, client files and information can be protected by "legal professional privilege" in certain cases, which means that the lawyer/migration agent can't be compelled to release confidential client information such as client contact details.

Classes of visas prepared

Some of the visas classes are as follows:

Business visas, including business visitor visas and business skills visas

Work visas, including skilled independent visas, skilled sponsored visas and distinguished talent visas, graduate- skilled visas, business skilled visas, working holiday visas, visitor visas and distinguished talent visas.

Investor visas, including Business Innovation 188(A), Investor 188(B), Significant Investor Visa ("SIV") 188(C), Premium Investor Visa ("PIV") 188(D), Entrepreneur Visa 188(E), the Business Talent Visa- Significant Business History Visa 132(A), the Venture Capital Visa 132(B), investor retirement visas and business innovation visas

Family visas, including partner visas and prospective marriage visas, parent visas, child visas

Student visas, including revocation of student visa reviews and appeals

Refugee and protection visas, front door asylum seekers

New Zealand Special Category visas

Returning resident visas

Bridging visas



Visa reviews and appeals

Visa applications lodged

Tyndall & Co. also prepares and lodges visa applications for clients, from offshore or onshore; can represent you in any reviews or appeals; and in making formal representations to the Minister.

Passports and change of name

Tyndall & Co. also attends to passport matters, such as applications for new passports or renewals (from offshore or onshore) and change of name applications with Births, Deaths and Marriages in all states of Australia.

Temporary sponsored work visa 457 & Permanent sponsored work visa 186/187

The temporary 457 visa subclass as well as the permanent Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme ("RSMS") and the Employer Nomination Scheme ("ENS") 186/187 subclasses, have undergone a radical overhaul. The List of Eligible Skilled occupations was dramatically shortened on 19 April 2017. The Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List ("MLTSSL") replaced the previous Skilled Occupation List ("SOL"). The Short-term Skilled Occupation List ("STSOL") replaced the previous Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List ("CSOL"). Occupations were removed from the Lists and also there are now caveats on 59 of the total occupations under SC 457. The policy behind the changes is to grant visas for skills shortages and for higher skills, rather than take away existing Australian jobs and keep these visas temporary.

As a consequence Clients are now looking closer at potential Visas under the Business Innovation and Investment Program (188/888) and the Business Talent pathways (SC 132 A, 132B) as outlined above.

All work by Tyndall & Co. is done is in accordance with the Code.

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