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There is a fundamental principle that all defendants are innocent until proven guilty, that they have the right to a fair trial and to not self incriminate.

Defendants have the right to confidential and priviledged legal advice, which can't be used against them.

Tyndall & Co. offers legal services in these  areas of law:

All criminal courts-representation as defence lawyers
Attendances with police and client at interview, arrest  or charge stage
Drink and drug crime, including driving
Mental Health defences
Not guilty and guilty pleas
Rehabilitation and intervention options
S10 Non-conviction applications
State and federal offences
Victims of crime- compensation

Articles published about crime and proceeds of crime

Drink drivers could get on the wagon
Non-conviction, S10 Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act

Updated 1 January 2015, originally published Country Leader 4/8/2003 (Rehabilitation now an option), North West Magazine 1/9/03, North Coast Town and Country 9/2003.

Interlock or drinkerlock?
Mandatory interlock order if convicted at Court for drink driving

Updated 13 April 2015, originally published in the Quirindi Advocate 10/9/2003, Border News 29/9/2003, North West Magazine 29/9/2003, North Coast Town and Country Magazine 10/2003

Double Trouble
Drive Suspended, Cancelled, Special range “drink driving”

Updated 13 April 2015, originally published Country Leader 27/10/2003, North West Magazine 27/10/2003, 1/3/2004, North Coast Town and Country 11/2003


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