Wategos Beach, Byron Bay, Australia

“Bold and Excellent”

Tyndall & Co. are experienced lawyers based in Byron Bay, Australia. We are also a worldwide registered Australian migration agent and a management consultant.


Australian Immigration

Australia has become a much sought-after paradise destination for people seeking global migration and better lives. It is a stable constitutional monarchy, a liberal democracy and a first world country. It has a high standard of living, sound investment prospects, good growth, political and economic stability and excellent wages and conditions. It offers protection of individual rights by the well-established rule of law with roots in Great Britain, a keen sense of justice, a huge natural history and space with a relatively small population, a warmer climate and spiritual, religious and ethnic tolerance. There are strong traditions of the pursuit of sporting excellence, mateship, the ANZAC fighting spirit, support of Queen and country and of doing the right thing. Australia is the lucky country.


There is a fundamental principle that all defendants are innocent until proven guilty, that they have the right to a fair trial and to not self-incriminate. Defendants have the right to confidential and privileged legal advice, which can’t be used against them. These are common law principles and rights.

Family Law

In property adjustment cases, there is no presumption of equality. The 50:50 split is not a principle of law or a right. The wife’s homemaker and parent contribution ought to be recognised in a substantial and not a token way. Any property adjustment will be contribution driven. With children’s and parenting time cases, there is a presumption of equal shared parenting responsibility, however, the best interests of a child will always be first and paramount and rebut that presumption.

Banking, Securities, Derivatives law

A bank owes the customer a duty of care, which is to take reasonable care in carrying out its contractual obligations with the customer. A bank does not owe a fiduciary duty to a customer, except in special circumstances where it has gone further than normal. A bank has no general duty to advise a customer that a loan or a purchase is not a good decision. A bank can look after its own interests ahead of the customer. The playing field is not necessarily level. Our financial services as financial consulting, investment, securities and derivatives advice, structuring strategic investments, banking and financial planning and strategic decisions, helps level the playing field for customers both nationally and internationally.


Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Knightsbridge, London, England U.K.

Wan Chai, Hong Kong (Migration and Management Consulting)


“I have been helping clients for more than 25 years. For me, being a lawyer is a calling, not a job. It is about helping others.”

Jonathan de Vere Tyndall, Principal of Tyndall & Co.


Tyndall & Co. is a small law firm that provides clients with huge advantages over big firms. Privacy is critical today. It is a basic human right which is being constantly and subtly eroded from all sides. We offer, as a small firm, an increased level of privacy, helpfulness and responsibility that the “mega-lawyers” cannot deliver. We strive to be bold and excellent for clients, as in our motto. We are also a world-wide Australian Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1170349). We prepare Significant Investor Visa (SIV) SC 188 and Premium Investment Visa (PIV) SC 888 applications and other investment and work-related visas to Australia. We do this through London and Hong Kong, where we have branch offices. And as a Management Consultant we can advise on strategy and implementation and help you achieve business success in local and overseas markets.


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