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Why should lawyers give more of their time for free?

Talk and paper given by Jonathan B. de Vere Tyndall LLM UNSW Solicitor and Barrister at the U3A (University of the Third Age) Speaker Forum, Brunswick Heads, Tuesday 22 February 2011

The Flow of life

Nature consists of polarities. Hot-cold, light-dark, man-woman, more-less, strife-peace. These polarities facilitate exchange of energy in nature. Giving and receiving are part of that energy flow of nature and the universe (cosmos).

Everything is changing, constantly, nothing is static. The universe is dynamic. [You can never cross the same river twice (Heraclitus c. 500 BC).] There is a “unity of opposites” not in the sense of their identity but in their ability to interchange and transform into each other.

In reality, “giving-receiving” are the same thing, being part of the same dynamic energy flow.

The multiplier

Life is give and take. Giving creates receiving and receiving creates giving. If you hinder that flow, you fight nature. And, conversely, the more you give, the more you receive. That which you give, if it is of any value, must multiply (Seed>Plant+ 100 seeds).

By reason of this multiplier, you will receive much much more than that which you give.


Thoughts are energy. Energy is a thing (Einstein 1905). Thoughts are therefore things that we create. So you can give this thing. Even a good thought for someone is a gift. These “thought things‟ grow and multiply in abundance like seeds planted in a fertile field by a farmer. We are “bundles of thought in a thinking universe” (Chopra). Our minds are constantly interacting with the universe. Thought things are constantly being created.


So if the intention of the giver is to create happiness in the receiver, even if it is only a kind thought, given unconditionally, without expectation of return, and with happiness (not out of obligation) then it is given correctly and this act will cause increase, proportionally to the giver, and also the receiver.

If you want material affluence in life, then help others become materially affluent. Learn the art of giving that which you seek. As long as you are giving, you will be receiving. The more you give, the more confident you will become that you will receive more. When you receive more, you can give more.

If you practise the art of giving “pro bono” legal help, you will receive everything you want in life and more. You will be a success. The science of law, society and the disadvantaged will benefit too.

The answer

The answer is you will receive more. You will be a more successful lawyer. That is my experience.

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