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Bankruptcy and insolvency law

Tyndall & Co. offers legal services in these  areas of bankruptcy and insolvency law:

Personal bankruptcy

Appointment of a trustee
Avoiding bankruptcy by “personal insolvency agreement” Part X or a “debt agreement” Part IX Bankruptcy Act 1966.
Being made bankrupt by a creditor and sequestration
Contesting bankruptcy and the various grounds
Contributions to the bankrupt estate
Debt collection and making a person bankrupt to enforce a debt owed
Declaring bankruptcy and presenting a debtor’s petition
Disputing validity of a bankruptcy notice
Permission for bankrupt to travel  overseas
Protected property from bankruptcy

Company insolvency

Contesting a winding up application
Receiving a Statutory Demand and action
Serving a Statutory Demand on a company that owes you money
Voluntary administration
Voluntary winding up a company
Winding up a company for insolvency S459 demand

Articles published on insolvency law

What happens when receivers are appointed
Removing receivers within the law
Updated 30 March 2015, originally published in The Land on 20 January 2000